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Obi Pelle - A Ray Of Hope

At Obi Pelle, we believe that every citizen has a very significant role to play in the betterment of the society around them. Even though we may be a new and upcoming brand, we are well aware of the social responsibility on our shoulders. Society expects us to do well in what we do and bring about a motive that brings a change in the lives of those around us. Most of the developing nations in the world are currently suffering from a lack of clean drinking water, with globally at least 2 billion people using drinking water sources that are contaminated. This issue is also part of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which is a “blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all”.
We aim to ensure that there is a constant supply of water in underdeveloped areas such as the district of Thar, located in Sindh ,Pakistan. We plan to achieve this feat using renewable energy resources. To attain this objective, we have decided on allocating 5% of our total sales revenue for clean water provisions in these areas. This way we will not just help the drought-ridden areas of our country such as Tharparkar, by giving them a steady supply of clean drinking water but also ensure the prevention of so many diseases that come because of the contamination. Our goal does not stop here; we are striving to build a society that stands equal to the International standards, with the best facilities along with being independent and self-subsisting. Those in the rural, slum areas deserve to have the same education and health facilities as that in urban cities, so our next step will be to establish a community center in these areas.

OBI Pelle has set itself a goal for 2030. Under this distinguished vision, we aim to provide clean drinking water to 25,000 villagers of Thar by 2030. This is indeed a tough job to do, considering the ever-growing population in the region and the uncertain estimations of ground levels, however, the problems are little when compared to our passion, commitment, and determination to fulfil the dream we started off this exciting journey with.

This is not just our endeavor, you all have a part to play as well. Every purchase you make through us will go a long way in providing water to the needy people of Thar for the next decade. We are not alone in this as we know we will have the trust and support of our faithful customers and this is what gives not just us but the 25,000 people, a ray of hope. Hope, that it will bring a huge change in the quality of life of the people of Pakistan.

Why Water In Thar?

The district of Tharparkar, located in Sindh, is the largest district of the province, and unfortunately, the least developed area in the vicinity. The area is spread over 22,000 Km2 and is a chronically poor and illiterate region with an estimated population of a 1.3million.

Thar is a highly underdeveloped and water scarce region, and so we decided to carry out a small venture to assess the area of Thar and to see the extent of water shortages in the region. Our detailed study showed that the region possesses a predominantly desert landscape and has no lasting surface water bodies. Some small depressions can be rarely found or trails after seasonal rainfall.

Due to the arid climate of Tharparkar, the water shortage has been a major problem in the area for years now. The district has been suffering from droughts for a long time, which has affected the lives of the inhabitants. A person living in Tharparkar on average must spend four to six hours to fetch a minimum of four to five pots (50-60 liters) daily from dug wells situated far and wide in the district to meet the water requirements at home.

Thus, we tried to look for a solution. And here we are! Firstly, The immediate solution for tackling the lack of inadequate water shortages is through hand-dug wells. This solution is cost-effective and is a convenient way of supplying water in developing regions all across the globe. The installation of these wells is relatively low and does not require highly trained individuals to operate them. They are also advantageous because they can be deepened as required. Secondly, we will install submersible pumps using solar energy which is the biggest and infinite, natural source of renewable energy. These ideas turn out to be the most suitable for Tharparkar.


Obi Pelle- Striving For Sustainability

By following the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set in 2015, we are fully determined on implementing SDG 5 (Gender equality), SDG 6 (Clean Water and Sanitation), SDG 7 (Affordable and Clean Energy), and SDG 13 (Climate Action) into our business. Our policies intend to make ours a sustainable business which helps us work efficiently, preserving the world around us, minimizing carbon emission, recycling waste and most importantly, providing products that just get better with age.

We hope to develop products on nature’s terms and manufacture leather goods that last you a lifetime. This will help to shape the nature around us in a more instrumental manner. We have placed strict standards not just upon ourselves but our suppliers as well to follow a pattern that is tailored towards sustainability. We believe that once more people are instigated to nature and its myriad benefits; we may just leave our planet in a better shape than when we first discovered it.