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Craftsmanship Meets Sustainability

Responsible Business

With climate change peaking and accessibility to water becoming increasingly scarce in the region, we in these troubled times aim to operate our business in a responsible manner. Therefore we have devised company policies that fit with sustainability, hoping to thrive for a much greener future for our children. Every single product of ours is assembled using only sustainable material. From the leather to the lining even the smallest little fabric is made to be self-sustainable, complete priority has been designated on ameliorating nature. Furthermore, we have paid special emphasis on the people of Tharparkar, located in Sindh, Pakistan and have begun our wonderful project of digging wells in the sector by allocating a certain portion of our revenue towards it. By compositing sustainable practices within our business and awakening local communities near us, we envision elevating the quality of life of the people in the region.

Leather Our Star Attraction

Our leather is vegetable-tanned in tanneries where we follow the best ethical practices.

Leather is our star attraction, the very foundation on which our company stands. Obi Pelle makes use of the primmest and most sought-after leather on the market, toiling with it to bring you many forms and finishes. We have gone on to possess the finest hide that is tanned according to our preference.

Our ensemble of leather is such that it gives us the confidence to deliver premier leather goods to our customers, enthralling them with the most precise and sophisticated craftsmanship there is. We are strongly adamant about preserving our leather in its most pure unadulterated form, therefore never choosing to sand down our hide, thus opting to exhibit its imperfections.

Obi Pelle has an intimate relationship with leather and believes once you acquire our products, you’ll go on to share the same bond as well. We regard leather as a natural material bestowed upon us and believe in keeping it preserved that way.

Obi Pelle prefers to operate with full-grain leather. What is full-grain leather, you might ask? Well, it’s the real deal. It’s the best leather that one can buy, possessing an exquisite touch and a profound character only it can harness. It has the uniqueness of aging gracefully; like fine wine, it will go on to prosper a rich patina, citing its unique journey through time.


Our dedication to a greener future runs deep in our products lining as well. The interior lining is made from cotton, thereby complementing our leather exterior. The cotton is pure, going alongside our commitment to sustainability, and has a unique softness to it, making it look and feel appealing to audience en masse.


We attain perfection every step of the way. From the moment the resources arrive at our workshop until they are delivered, we thrive on completing this process in synchronous harmony. Just like our leather, we are passionate about using superior accessories in our products. All of our hardware is composed of solid brass which makes the perfect blend with our product appearance. Our leather goods are zipped using the YKK Zipper, which is both neat and functional, allowing easy access to our products inside and out. We discourage the use of toxic substances in our workshops, as they are hazardous and may lead to health complications for our fellow craftsmen along with being a source of pollution to the ecosystem. Therefore Obi Pelle chooses to use non-toxic chemicals while making its leather products.


Our packaging also aims to be impactful in the same way as our other materials do. We have completely neglected the use of plastic or paper bags; we instead deploy the use of cloth dust bags for our leather goods. These articulate-looking cloth bags are biodegradable, meaning they won’t cause pollution or create landfills, thereby being a contributor to reducing waste. These cloth bags are made from the recycled fabric that guards your valuable leather product, as well as enhancing its look.